The Wreck and The River

by Diescher

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Love, death, and the deep, wide river.


released December 18, 2015

All songs written and performed by the members of Diescher.
Diescher is:
Andy - everything, just all of it is Andy



all rights reserved


Diescher Victoria, British Columbia

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Track Name: The Wreck
Born to the river and the wreckage of his mother's car he was given the wheel before he could walk bent his back before he stood upright it never quite healed but that's alright sometimes he dreamed of the quiet life if he ever dreamed at all it was different back then and he should have had friends you could see it in his eyes the day she died when he heard the words you are no son of mine he'd been searching for god in the devil's dustbowl the front door slammed and the boy became a man
Track Name: Run Away
So you woke up today farther from home than you'd ever been before and closer to her you're on your way to lay a stranger down they say he passed in the night about a week ago and with the money that he left in the estate you could finally run away build the house you've been dreaming of with the girl she's always by your side even in your grief she believes what you say "One day the sun will break through the haze and light our living room"
Track Name: Walking Slow
You and I we have it pretty good spend our days getting soft we'll never lose our hopes and dreams because they're right here believe me when I say you've never let me down in the half light I see blurry shadows barely visible they'll guide us home walking slow to shake our ghosts the world's turning wrong but all I need is your love
Track Name: ICS
Track Name: Deathbed
We've never needed much just enough to get unstuck and how else could this have gone down a sight for sore eyes a story for our daughter like words could touch the water for what she's worth my love you gave me everything and now my hands are tired it's hard to speak and I've become so weak
Track Name: The River
Sun rise and the end is near the child lays her head down here late at night she thinks of her fear and what it was he said "I'm only going home to let the feeling go and I've been holding on so long" with new inventions now they stretch into the clouds but the atmosphere is all too thin and it's a long way off day by day he sat staring at the current she would watch from the window and one day he walked into the river fend for yourself
Track Name: A Better Life
She walked for days the numbness paved the way at first and then her eyes began to hurt looking for the dull lights in the clouds "That must be where they've gone" on the road a driver slowed and she passed out we never talked about those days but I could feel it when she'd paint her dreams she closed the door and disappeared sometimes and one day left for good for a better life